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MyA Technology is a leading provider of technology that delivers broadband media communications over the Internet. Our solutions make use of next generation networks, and give our customers the advantages of the Internet, low cost and rich features.

What We Offer :

MyA Technology designs products that are uniquely suited for developing economies where critical criteria are low cost to end users and easy to use customer premise infrastructure. Our solutions

  • Enable businesses to connect their remote locations with voice, data and video communications as they grow, without help from the local telephone company.
  • Strengthen community ties by making it inexpensive and easy to build private telephone networks.
  • Help small and medium sized businesses such as Internet cafs bring the Internet to the public by offering multimedia communications services.
  • Provide easy to implement and operate turnkey, integrated voice, data and video solutions for VoIP service providers.

MyA Technology helps growing enterprises unleash the potential of their business through the power of the network. You can get inovative ideas about facilities maintenance by visiting this website .

We help our customers design, integrate and deploy tailored intelligent networking solutions that help drive greater employee productivity, support innovative services, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce operating costs. We bring our network knowledge, development and engineering expertise to help enterprises deploy solutions that give their employees secure, reliable, and convenient access to the information they need, whether they are located in the main office, at a remote office, at home, or on the road. Our professional services cover a wide range of network design, feature development, configuration, implementation, deployment, testing and maintenance.



MyA Technology's product design principles:

  • Easy for users at all levels of technology sophistication.
  • Exceptional functionality, customized to the cultures and habits of specific countries and communities.
  • Low operating costs for end users.
  • Concentrate intelligence in customer premise equipment, reduce demand for central office support and capital investment.
  • Optimize infrastructure costs for service providers
  • Fast and easy implementation of value-added functionality, assisting service providers to deliver rich services. is one of the best websites for CCC IT .

How We Do It:

  • By providing systems, IP Gateways, network, infrastructure, value-added services and expertise that match and support our promise and commitment.
  • By collapsing the barriers of distance, time zones, language, and culture.
  • By fusing IP and traditional technologies to create a seamless interface between old and new for maximum flexibility.
  • By expanding your global reach with our local, on-the-ground market presence and experience.
  • By supporting your business applications with end-to-end management that provides a single source for converging all of your global, voice, data and Internet requirements.
  • By solving problems, delivering solutions and anticipating your future needs.
  • By delivering world-class proactive customer and technical support every hour of the day, every day of the year always there, always on, always ready.

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